What can Ambassador Media offer your band or new project?

Radio Services

 Focus on community, NPR, PRI and college radio world music programs and programmers.

NACC Chart -  450 stations- US/CANADA  COLLEGE CHART 

FMQB - 150 large and important Non- Commercial stations 

 Community stations and specialty shows

 Select international station ( Trans-Global Underground)

 Relix Jam Chart- Jam band and world fusion  music.


Press and Publications

1. Focus on logical press that embraces your music's genre, wanting to hear new music from you. Looking for reviews, interviews, and features in magazines such as Paste, Relix, Song Lines and more. 

2. Select genre specific and general blogs (Digital Copies)

3. Select genre specific music and diverse music podcasts 

Social Media

Your music and information featured on Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, Twitter and more!

What can Ambassador Media offer artist and new projects?